2018-10-13: Code of Conducts




Would be an interesting discussion. Are those astroturfed? forks to submit PRs?

Maybe, haven’t looked into it yet.

my notes

  • overview of the coc thread, the open-source scene, the inherent demographics, the economic reality
  • contributor covenant allow SJWs to seize projects of those not ideologically aligned with them
  • SJWs desire to throw meritocracy under the bus, as they consider their subjective competition performance/accomplishments more important than their objective competition performance/accomplishments
  • agreeable people have a desire to fit in, disagreeable people find that desire puzzling and problematic, resembles high school dramas, not growth to adulthood/independence
  • agreeable people tend to project their empathy onto others, which can often be incorrect
  • peer-reviews in grievance studies are worthless: https://twitter.com/balupton/status/1050709650239180800
  • grievance studies believe in alternative (non-rational) forms of knowledge
  • they consider experiential knowledge (feelings) are just as true, or perhaps more true, than rational knowledge
  • therefore feelings of greivance are more true than missing intent, projected intent is ok
  • if gender is a social construct, the onus is on society to change
  • superiority is always undesirable, hence we we don’t like the religious, hence why we don’t like racists, hence why SJWs are having a hard time
  • rad fems are at war with the trans activists
  • rad fems believe womanhood, gender, is an embodiment of the experience that arise from one’s biology (menstruation, child birth, worse strength), which the trans people are only pretending to have, therefore not real women
  • subjective superiority results in social/thought policing / code of conducts
  • the projected intent from the aggrieved onto the supposed perpetrator, is more valid in their view, than the actual intent of the supposed perpetrator
  • transphobia seems a thought crime
  • safe spaces are protecting the weak, at the expense of reducing their ability to become stronger, and increasing the cost of their delusions
  • in the matrix series: the machines are the tyrannical father, and the humans the great mother
  • people are annoyed that politicians don’t understand tech, but the Amazon Hiring AI coverage makes it evident that journalists don’t understand tech — as journalists seem naive or ignorant about this, the public is unaware too: https://twitter.com/balupton/status/1050712011581976576
  • what to impact the most lives of any profession? Become a physicist, not a programmer
  • https://youtu.be/irfj1FxQkcI
  • https://youtu.be/_tlIGAg1aiU

My Notes (amalgamation of both discussions)

  • The new move away from meritocracy is indicating a difference in conception of what a job actually is; no longer ‘the system to fulfill the needs and interests of customers while being paid for your work’, but instead now as a right; ‘a place to find meaning and identity within, a right to be given to you independent of your skillset, so that you can be paid enough money to afford your desired lifestyle.’

  • The positions we used to trust were being objective (journalists, academic peers reviewing papers) are proving themselves to be insufficient, either by misunderstanding the subject matter so much as to be incapable of reporting on it properly, or so far embedded within their own moral framework of interpretation as to be blindsided by studies that prove their own position correct, and approving of it, even though it fails to be backed by good scientific research.

  • The workplace taking on a similar nature to campus lifestyle, where all friends, amenities, and cost is covered by others.

  • The automatic siding with the alleged victim or oppressed person in society is unknowingly creating a stronger divide between these groups, in developing a class that cannot be assimilated into society without being handled with kid gloves and another class of people that will necessarily develop a thicker skin to be able to cope with the name calling and aggression directed towards themselves.

  • Along with this ideological divide that occurs when all aspects of life are seen as political, there is the incapacity to communicate with those of the other side (for fear of being labelled as affiliates with them, or bolstering their audience through your own platform). Also, it makes it so that those silent with minority ‘taboo’ opinions become stronger, because by them (say, conservatives in college) being introduced to the best arguments from the left, whereas those within their own moral bubble are only being taught the worst versions of the arguments held by the opposing side. Essentially meaning that those with the silent divergent opinion have a better capacity to understand their opposition, but those locked within the moral-majority misunderstand the opposition and are in no position to properly refute them.

  • Along with the drive for postmeritocracy is this recognition of work not based upon results, but based upon internal struggle to produce. “Because this was hard for me, I deserve respect.”

  • (Rephrasing earlier point) The conceptualization of a job not in regards to your capacity as an employee to fulfill the needs of the company, but as an environment to be around those like yourself in fulfilling your groups political desires. …Inevitably leading to a disparity between what you’re producing and what it is that the customers actually want, especially recognizable in the case of ESPN primarily focusing on political positions of players and related stances, instead of discussing the sport and the games played.

  • The temperamental divide between the disagreeable libertarian personalities and the agreeable empathetic personalities that seek out inclusion and approval within the group, for that is the mode by which they derive meaning and identity. Since engineering is conducive to systematic-type thinkers, there might be the greater amount of nonsocial, libertarian-minded, and introverted types taking a greater deal of proportionality in these fields, creating a sort of stereotype for what a typical ‘engineer’ might look like. Those that could be considered insecure in themselves will go through to try to better fit that stereotype, that identity, in order to fit into their place of work. Where they cannot fit the mold they might then steer for greater openness within the workplace so that these wider ranges of what can be considered normative can now be recognized.

  • How to change things: People with these minority opinions need to actually speak up about them. Don’t create yourself as an enemy to the agenda, or produce material that might be used by the alt-right (as in the case of James Damore) but still present your ideas to those around you, so that these foreign ideas can be considered as actually presentable (because if the only people discussing ‘family values’ are the Westboro baptist church, then these ideas will be considered as extremist ideas). Having a friend of yours that has different ideas is the first step in acclimating towards those ideas. Speak up, don’t cause strife and give them the chance to ignore you.

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