2018-09-29: Maps of Meaning




my notes

  • recap of great mother, beneficial sister (contains wisdom), detrimental sister
  • recap of great father (the sun, sol, son, illumination), tyrannical father
  • recap of the dragon (potential) and distinction from the serpent - both exist within us
  • patriarchy is the order that gains the fruits of the day, to protect you from the night (pitch black)
  • songs are often prayers
  • sociopathy present behavioural similarly, with nihilism and autism, cause is different, thus treatment is different
    • autism due to lack of empathy from lack of theory of mind due to missing hardware
    • nihilism from pathological deconstructionism
    • sociopathy due to lack of remorse due to missing hardware
  • we all have done sociopathic actions before, does that make us sociopaths? - identification vs association
    • identifying as an addict helps to deploy the protective behaviours of that identity
    • unlike trichotillomania (hair pulling), where identifying as a hair puller is detrimental, better to say I happen to have trichotillomania - I happen to have a hair pulling disorder - you are not your mental illness, your mental illness is not you, you are more than your mental illness
  • crime and punishment deals with this
  • gender theory, if gender is a social construct, then onus is on society to grant your gender, - slippery never ending slope, as can it ever be granted adequately?
  • cognitive dissonance of gender
  • gender as embodiment of sex
  • culture as embodiment of the ways of the land
  • western culture (in contrast to aboriginal culture) is a social imposition, it imposes its will on the land - patriarchal - adaptive - better?
  • is transgenderism a transfiguration of embodied sex, in the same way culture imposition is on an aboriginal?
  • how does the importation of islam fit into gender theory, does it?
  • ethos, telos, normativeness
  • springs, ether, mindfulness, identity - we control our physical will (actions) and mental will (attention) but not our thoughts, they arise from an ether - who or what is this ether?
  • pro choice vs pro life, veganism, the will, the telos of the sperm, the egg, and the fetus
  • what behaviours produce better outcomes, pick them
  • phenology, is only the falsifiable true?
  • horror movies, the supernatural, the abyss
  • how many dragons should you battle, as like the movies, for every 1 hero, thousands die - is fighting dragons routinely a good idea? can you always win?
  • Morality and religion as a mimicry, a replication of admirable heroes, later to be codified into ethics, based upon our inherited culture presuppositions. (so, to have a morality merely based upon rules or facts, theres a missing component of reason for motivation. There’s no admirable heroic figure worth emulating and achieving his riches.)

  • For groups to interact (such as in games) there is a needed Telos, the ethos, and the normative ability. When the normative ability is lowered to allow for more people to achieve the same telos, the ethos changes and loses it’s previous functionality, needing to be revamped with likely not as successful attainment of the telos.

  • Difference between a hero that is unrestrained by the morality of his culture, and the evil person?

  • There are those that have a hatred for the successful, hatred towards life, and others, and themselves, and act out according to those beliefs, in contempt.

  • The phenomenological God of Peterson, whereas Harris is unwilling to participate in this line of thinking because he’s only interested in the literal God existing or not.

  • Nietzsche’s point, that our natural assumptions of reactions to events are not the only possible outcome (you can say that a stove is hot and if I touch it I will be burned, and that is the obvious outcome, so the act is bad. But, I can certainly place my hand on the stove as an act of masculine tribal maturation, and this re-interpretation of all actions and events is possible)