2018-07-07: General Discussion

@theplebistocrat @JohnBuck any topic suggestions for this week?

I’m tempted for us to go over the leaked discussions between Harris and Peterson, but I know that not everyone has/wants to/can listen to them yet.
I’m currently transcribing them so I can get a better picture of it and may share it to anyone wanting to read their discussions.

Yeah, we should wait until the recordings go public and official, as there will be a greater audience then.

I’d be keen to discuss personal development techniques. Just general tips and tricks, routines, etc etc. We still also need to finish the 12 Rules for Life action plan.

To counter the idea of waiting for a greater audience- nothing is more enticing than secret knowledge. John, you can run the audio through something like this http://trans.sourceforge.net/en/presentation.php. Will save you a lot of time, probably. Also, Travis Pangburn is a right cunt- to go all Brit-Aussie for a second. That is all. I need to go put my children to sleep. As humanely as possible.

That’s true. If I’m attending, the software I use on mac for all the magic is Audio Hijack plus Loopback. They are expensive but are pretty wonderful.

Although. Doesn’t screensharing in google hangouts on air share the audio?