2018-06-30: Oxford Union



discussion notes

first meeting

Bhagavad gita

Accepting the cards that the universe gave you

When the world works against your attempts, do you press on or change your goals.

Finding a niche that only You can dominate.

Business growing, sharing secrets/goals or not.

Political debates.

Atheists that are actually Christian

Silicon valley

Youtube, pewdiepie

second meeting

Cyclical time, the purpose of humans is to be the universal debuggers, to keep balance.

The world was created by people that recognized an anomaly and pursued a fix.

The matrix

The attitude of folks in Asia

  • Environment

    • Overcrowded population

    • People are treated horribly by their fellow citizens.

    • Social environment that promotes selfishness.

  • Adaptation to current environment and lack of better ideals

  • Lack of resistance to bad behaviour

  • Management folks

    • No one’s questions them.

    • Tyrannies people.

    • Lack of profit incentives to improve customer service

      • Because they will make profit anyways as there are too many customers.
  • Lack of inclination to improve people.

I expect to spend a good deal of time on his explanation of Meaning.

I’ve been looking a bit into Heidegger, which seems to be his strong philosophical source