2018-05-18: General Discussion

discussion notes

first meeting

What’s been working for Sumit and I.

Plans for these meetings. Having half structured, half stuff from our lives.

second meeting

Set up why to be anxious about death

fear of death, leaving things unfinished.

no longer existing

the afterlife as a comfort

afterlife is improbable

everything in this world is improbable

Cultures that do not have existential threat and angst.

Stoned ape hypothesis

loss/gain of fear of death from psychedelic experiences.

Dalai lama remembering past lives

Do trees fear death?

Why did humans gain self-awareness

We fear the loss of continuity

Giving up your spot for someone else, child or otherwise.

Death is not exactly loss of continuity, because I’d choose memory wipe over death.

The extension of Self as the antidote to death anxiety, via tribalism or

People lose meaning in their jobs because they do not think about their effect to everyone around them.

You’re the elon musk of your own body

Donald hoffman,

1st person 3rd person interaction

As we age we sometimes lose our desires for the things we haven’t done.

This sounds really interesting,can anyone participate? And how does that go about?

Yep! Details are here: