2018-05-12: General Discussion

discussion notes

Religious bathroom

Religion is a coherent system of beliefs for how to act in the world

Religion as an acted out belief in a higher power

God as an axiom outside the universe

Religion as an intuitive sense that is later rationalized

Both theists and atheists are steadfast in their axioms,

Body language of them

You aren’t taking it seriously: there are truths about the world that can’t be gotten via

Religion is the culture surrounding the text

What is belief?

Difference between God-like AI and God? Subjectively the same

What do we lose from a metaphorical frame?

Who God is continues to change with time.

Belief, whether or not a proposition is true or false and whether we can act upon it.

Christians and muslims are not arguing about if god has a beard or not, they’re arguing about the moral actions associated with their belief in God.

Belief as ‘the ability to perform an action, and desire for that goal.’

People cannot act out the new life associated with that belief and so, they cannot believe it.

What is forgiveness? ‘Forgetting’ the sins of the other. Reclassifying the other so that they are not who they were. Redefining the model of the sinner to now be innocent.

Creating a space for people to now act within.

Nature abhors a vacuum

The required martyr of a dying system.

An individual requires a collectivism to go up against and adapt.

The ubermensche surpassing the limitations of the law.

Belief in the highest good, and love your neighbor

For athiests the highest good is well-being, but it isn’t metaphysical, it’s metaphorical (Or truth)

What are the limitations of merely metaphorical language?

God is unprovable or disprovable within the frame of the universe.

People believe in both the man in the sky, rather than the highest good (personal/impersonal)

The loss of faith starts from the desire to stop following stupid rules, and the justification comes after.

Atheists follow the highest good, by losing religion.

Each side has the desire to grow their community as self-preservation for the newfound understanding of truth or well-being.

The motivations of Harris brought about by 9-11 and self-preservation

Suspicion of the motivations of the public people certain of their beliefs

Redefining go as the thing you want to bring about the most of into the universe. Well-being, consciousness.

What is well-being, the frame of understanding.changes based upon context

People don’t want to call their fundamental values as God because that contains the emotional context.

Dillahunty’s concept of metaphysics, within time.

Nothing metaphysical, but physical is expanded to include abstractions of behavior.

Meta as in Peterson’s version of the meta-hero

Metaphysical as something external from the frame we reside in.

God as that which is cannot be defined down, and that which is necessary for the moment.