2018-04-21: Morality

discussion notes

  • God as a means to regulate human behaviour.

  • Problem of a limited god of law or individual,

  • Fulfilling the responsibilities of previous action. And lineage

  • Morality built off of gene spreading, firstly towards your genetic lineage, then self and spouse (being raisers of said lineage), then your shared gene-holders (siblings, family), then community, then society, then world.

  • The value may change depending upon the threat of potential extinction within one layer that will affect the inner layer.

  • Admiration of character based upon how successful the imitation of that character would relate to gene spreading into the future. Even if those admirable characters were actually accidents, their consequences teach us what will occur if we did the same.

  • The evolution psychologically of the Christ figure within us.

  • Conscience not merely within our head but within our spouses and other people we interact with.

  • The discovery, and ability to discover, the best goods. Non-absolute, somewhat relative since admirability depend upon the system in place to allow that.

  • Conacience, religion, and psychology.

  • Purpose for morality/ethics

  • Group selection.

  • Unconscious intuitions of evolution.

  • Morality based off of historical admirable characters of a society and their consequences.

  • Swear words as indicators of moral tastebuds for the culture

  • Moral responsibility (galileo/jesus)