2018-04-07: Bible #15



discussion notes

  • How to make progress towards your dreams ?

  • Interpreting your dreams

    • Take the collaborative approach.

      • Have someone ask you questions about it so that you can understand it better.
    • Meaningful dreams vs Entertainment dreams

    • Dream Recall: Write them down in the very moment - because your might not remember them later.

    • Experiment: Does your attire during sleep (sleeping in underwear vs in shorts) affect your dreams?

  • Is it better to be innocent and have everyone think you are guilty or compromise, be guilty and have everyone think you are innocent.

  • Is it better to oppose evil (and possible be killed) or comprosie to do more good in long term.

    • If you compromise you are killing the very thing that can stand up to evil? i.e. if you compromise you die spiritually else you only die physically.

@JohnBuck’s notes

Discussion notes:

  • How to be the character of Joseph, multifaceted: take small steps, the smallest one’s you’ll be able to bear at a time.
  • Better to be thought guilty while being innocent than to be guilty and thought innocent. (otherwise you may get a superiority complex)
  • One of the highest goods is to retain the moral character of the individual (something perhaps not quantifiable by science, only faith)
  • Is it better to be good in an immoral society or not?
  • Better to die a good man than to live in hell.
  • Rescuing the damned from hell via the suffering of the innocent/pure.
  • The attributes of moral ‘compromise’