2018-04-01: 12 Rules for Life


discussion notes

first meeting

  • Testing the rules

    • How to define a Natzi and KGB (when society is radicalised)

      • Willing to oppress another in the name of your ideology. Placing the ideology above the needs of the person you are oppressing.

        • Rule 9 seems to be the escape valve
    • Rules outside 9, can amplify radicalisation

    • What about someone already in hell? Rasklonikov (when you alone is radicalised)

      • Rule 3 and Rule 9

        • Rule 3

          • Sonya, Razumikhin, Donya, Pulkheria
        • Rule 9

          • Desire for judgement of the purity of Sonya

          • Feared judgement of his friend Razumikhin

          • Desired to protect his friends

        • Rule 6

        • Rule 2

    • Single player vs multiplayer

second meeting

  • Discussion of action plan for the 12 rules.

  • Make friends with people who want what’s best for you.

    • Final people with common goals/values.

    • Make it your value to help people and want what’s best for them.

    • Setup the agenda for a new relationship as one of wanting what’s best for the other person.

  • Compare yourself with who you were yesterday and not someone else today.

    • Rather than have a todo list - break it down to action items which are very detailed.

      • Works for Anti-Ideal too.
    • Anti-Ideal - the worst day that you could ever have or had.

      • Not worth living that you mostly regret.