2018-03-31: 12 Rules for Life


As the Bible series is now completed, thus marking the study group’s completion of Maps of Meaning, Bible, and Personality lectures. We need to decide what will occur from now on.

I vote for having both the UTC 3AM and UTC 3PM meetings becoming general discussions, where threads on the forum can help plan what will be discussed.

@JohnBuck @Natha turns out there is indeed one more Bible Lecture (it just isn’t in the playlist).

I’m happy doing 12 rules for life again this weekend. And moving Bible Lecture 15 to next week.

What are your thoughts?

For reference, here is the Bible Lecture 15 topic:


Only person I’ve heard back from so far is @JohnBuck. So will be doing 12 Rules for Life again this week. Bible Lecture 15 will be pushed to next week.