2018-03-17: Bible #14




discussion notes

  • Why people have these polar opposite beliefs at the same time ?

  • E.g. Folks in high-tech sector who are also very religious.

  • Importance of marriage in life

  • Peterson bringing up marriage/family/children as source of meaning but lot of liberal media looks down on those values (and does disservice to young people by misleading them).

  • Most people derive meaning from their family/community and not all these exalted ideas of changing the world.

  • Rationality and daily life

  • You can analyze everything rationally and have to trust your instincts.

  • Why is Jacob wrestling against the God?

  • John’s idea of using irrational beliefs to fight against your drives.

  • Using the same kind of irrational dragon to fight against temptations rather than having superego do it.