2018-02-24: Bible #11




my notes

Necessity of transition events, symbolic acts, sacrifices

The utility of delusion and pretending to be a better person than you are
Peterson’s Metaphysics: The telos/potential within objects that can be harnessed by the object.

Utility of relating to the villain, or to a tragic hero of a story to learn your own failures.

Resorting to violence may lead to ripple effects

Earning the right to talk about

Necessity is the facilitator to reaching potential

my notes

  • How to keep your commitments ?

    • Make some sacrifice when you make the commitment/resolution to solidify it.

    • Course correction sacrifice: Make some sacrifice every time you violate the covenant.

    • Importance of transition events while moving from one development stage to the next.

      • Two types of transition - Voluntarily, Natural

        • No Goals -> I want to become an Athlete (Voluntarily).

          • Now you partake the activities that will make you one. And once you do them long enough - you will transition into “Athlete”

            • Now you might decide to even be a better athlete and the whole process repeats.
        • Child -> Teenager (Natural).

          • What is people don’t accept it since it’s not voluntary ? What if one does want to take responsibility and grow up ?
        • In order for you to move from one stage to the next - you need to come up with the ideal you want to be and aim for it.

    • Symbolic acts

      • When you should have the symbolic event ?
  • Difference b/w man and women when it comes to sacrifice ?

  • Beauty - Sagrada Familia

  • Things are made up of material and potencial.