2018-02-10: Bible #9




discussion notes

first meeting

  • People would choose comfortable hell over changing things.

  • Dealing with phobias and bad relationship.

    • Sometimes getting rid of everything related to that phobia or person help you move on.

    • In the long term, you want to derive the correct lessons from these things and move on that way.

  • Putting yourself together and possibilities that open up with it. Importance of being a fool.

  • Getting away from family to confront the unknown.

    • If it’s too comfortable at home - you would never leave.
  • Acting stupidly and not face the consequences.

  • Thinking your job is important vs it’s meaningless.

    • Appreciate people who are doing a good job esp. People at the bottom of dominance hierarchy.
  • Exercise: Giving up something of value (sacrifice) to build up delayed gratification circuits in your brain.

  • Investing high amount of money in the begging to make sure you take this thing seriously.

second meeting

  • Bible is a revised document

  • Oughts and is are like the chicken and the egg - they evolve each other

  • Free will vs agency

    • Free will could be defined as predictions of one’s actions

    • Or perhaps free will could be defined as predictions of one’s dreams

    • Different thought processes and emotional states for - input, output, and processing

  • Deciphering Peterson

    • Ideology is man worship. Religions worship the metaphysical.

    • Metaphysical truth is a subjective truth, not an objective truth, nor even a universal truth - so can be true for an individual from their subjective relative experiential knowledge, but not true for others - this can be delusional at times.

    • Usage of atheism seems to be secularism, not atheism.