2018-01-13: Bible #7




discussion notes

first meeting

  • Why should I waste time on trivial things ?

    • What makes you think things that Jobs/Musk did - didn’t include thousands of trivial things.

    • Two workers

      • One doing what he is supposed to do.

      • Other shows up 30 minutes earlier and does extra things to make others experience better/comfortable.

      • Which one is your hero ?

  • Sometimes your success is accidental e.g. the actions that you took to achieve that might be a subconscious habit and not something you consciously created.

    • Downside of this is that what happens when it’s not automatic anymore - you start failing.

    • Keeping a journal everyday

      • Importance of journaling in figuring out the cause for your upward or downward trajectory. Without journaling, you just don’t have the data you need.

      • Reading your journal later gives you more objectivity since you are not detached from the previous version of yourself.

      • Gandhi’s Book:

  • Importance of travelling in training your mental muscles to deal with chaos.

  • Truth

    • William James - Pragmatism.
  • Change and why people struggle with it ?

  • Knowing the truth but aren’t able to articulate it.

    • When someones else articulate it you are like that’s exactly right.
  • Having a conversation with people you have nothing in common with.

    • Ask them questions that help you with stuff you are trying to figure out.
  • Physical conflict in a situation.

    • Being physically more capable

      • Allows you to control yourself because you know exactly how dangerous you can be.

      • Allows you to remain calm since you know you can control the situation.

    • Not being physically

      • Create a situation like an animal backed into a corner - that can turn pretty violent.

second meeting

  • Humans born as blank state vs priori knowledge/rules

  • Importance of calling other people out when they split out lies and BS.

  • What kind of person would be willing to stand up for what is right and risk his/her well being ?

    • The kind of person who is constantly exploring the chaos and the unknown. That way you are not just a product of social/cultural construction - you are not a conformist.

    • Someone who cares about the long term sustenance of the world and not just himself.

  • You life isn’t over when you die - your genes live on.

  • How to deal with accidental success ? You are either lucky or do all the right things - maybe things you are intrinsically motivated to do are exactly what is needed for e.g. your career.

    • External Motivation

      • Discipline is need to make you do things that are good for you but don’t want to do.

      • You need to build this skill before the flood comes because the current sets of the problem that you are facing have discipline and external motivation component to it.

    • Intrinsic Motivation

      • What happens when you
  • Progressives as people who have internal problems that they fail to fix and declare war against nature/reality/other people instead.

    • How this has led to genocide in the past.

    • Importance of religious service to prevent genocide.

    • Fighting people who represent an idea instead of fighting the idea.

    • Victims have moral superiority because they have been wronged.

  • Why you don’t make your life better ?

    • Avoiding responsibility.

    • Resentment/Hatred - Aiming down instead of up.

    • Shame.