2018-01-06: Bible #6




discussion notes

first meeting

  • How you life is like a story ? Why do you need to story ?

    • Does cosmos care about your story ? or it it something your brain invents to make your life easier or give you meaning ?
  • How to know whether to trust your inner voice or not ? Maybe it’s the devil speaking.

    • If it is telling you to do something short-term at the expense of long-term then maybe you shouldn’t listen to it.
  • Tyranny of popular culture

    • Hedonistic bent on the culture - people with low positive affectivity suffers.

      • Making present as pleasurable as possible.
    • Attraction to the west because individuality is not subordinated there (or I thought).

  • Importance of having social support.

    • Helps you overcome addiction and even avoid it.
  • Red Queen Problem

    • Working hard just to survive.

    • Even for a pro it’s really hard.

    • If you are looking for a way for this to end - it might never. You just have to find a way to enjoy the process.

  • Where you want go ?

    • Improvement as your ultimate goal.
  • Separating yourself from your thoughts.

    • 3 breaths rule.

second meeting

  • Sacrifice

  • How Petersen points out the importance of having a family in our self-indulgent culture.