2017-10-07: Personality #16



discussion notes

  • In the lecture JBP says that we do not think about walking. I do so very often and am interested if others also walk consciously.

  • If the exploration circuit is so deeply rooted in us, why are so many people fine with sitting in their basement the whole day? Suppression? Underdevelopment?

    • bottom of dominance hierarchy with outside world - introversion and neuroticism would also play a role
  • Did emotions arise solely to orient ourselves around goals, or is that a side effect?

    • Seems goals only
  • Addiction

    • Role of serotonin

    • Role of dopamine

    • Role of porn and novelty

  • Feminisation of workforce

    • Agreeableness is the tendency to agree with the top of the dominance hierarchy

      • When women got the right to vote then the right to work, they could now agree with themselves collectively

      • Agreeableness is also the outsourcing of your ideas to a collective, where you only hold fragments of yourself

        • An idea that is held by others that they can only argue portions of it, is more true to them, than an idea that an individual can argue comprehensively
    • Men historically avoid competing with women

      • Violence removes a uterus

      • And an unhappy wife/women is a failure of the man to please them

        • But as the husband is now the state, men cannot please the women, so are failures in the women’s eyes, as they can demand more from the state than the man
    • Possible solutions

      • More women who disagree need to vocalise it, not to convince others (that is impossible), but to show that there are dissenters and they must be accommodated

      • Men need to start treating people based on the gender they act, rather than the gender of their sex - if women want to act like men, they should be treated as men

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