2017-09-23: Personality #15



discussion notes

  • motivations of procrastination

    • motivation of desire is not strong enough

    • regulation of distractions is not good enough

    • competing or stronger other motivations

    • motivation to not be a fool

  • types of people

    • two types

      • those motivated by success

      • those motivated by avoiding failure

    • future authoring

      • makes you focused on your ideal future

      • makes you focused on avoiding your failure future

    • more simple

      • avoiding pain

      • seeking pleasure

    • you can live without pleasure, but you can’t live without pain

      • but living without pleasure, is not enjoyable and leaves you apathetic
    • extraversion vs neuroticism vs conscientiousness

    • those who succeed, are those without the motivation of avoiding appearing to be a fool

    • there are masochists who get pleasure from pain

    • success requires meaning and is zero-sum game

  • input - output - processing

  • brain control

    • psychological state

    • hijacking of earlier systems

    • drugs

    • decision destroy

    • flying coffin - only see something when it stop working

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