2017-08-05: Personality #7, #8


discussion notes

  • Lectures resonated with everyone in the group, mostly from the archetypal narrative it injects into the everyday

  • Courage to Fail

    • Courage to confront demons

    • Courage to try new things

    • When to draw the balance of putting skeletons in the closet, versus dealing with them

      • Sometimes it seems beneficial to put skeletons in the closet and move on with one’s life

        • New relationships, new beginnings, leaving the past behind you

        • Simba running away as a kid

      • Sometimes it seems beneficial to confront demons head on

        • Therapy
      • Seems about strength and abilities of the individual at the time, and also if those demons can be left aside, or whether they will grow if unattended

  • Discussion of conflict within different cultures

    • USA seems to be focused on interpersonal conflict (identity vs identity)

    • Europe seems to be focused on governmental conflict (socialism vs capitalism)

  • India vs China

    • LiveLeak has videos of accidents occurring in India and the entire village runs to help

    • LiveLeak has videos of accidents occurring in China, and people continue as if it is an inconvenience to help

    • Initial postulation was due to the shear number of people in China, perhaps they don’t value life as much, as there are so many of them everywhere - however this is also true about India, so that rules that out

    • Second postulation then evaluated the emotions/motivations of the acts

      • That perhaps China’s communism has driven out such spiritual influence, and left the people more nihilistic, and self interested

      • However, we are all self interested, but it seems that the difference there could be that western/christian culture indicates that helping others even without direct benefit to yourself, can help the group, and may help you, fulfilling altruistic self-interest - such as the “golden rule” in christianity - india perhaps has this through the western/christian influence, or perhaps hinduism has it - whereas perhaps china’s ideology takes that away from its people