2017-07-29: 1984



discussion notes

  • Censorship of language, and thus expression

    • Tech/liberal world promotes “accessibility” of language, limiting the ability to express complex ideas

    • Far-left individuals, organisations, media and government pick their words very carefully

      • “Race” is now any group of people distinguishable by any feature, physical, mental, or intellectual

      • Affirmative Action = Political Nepotism

      • Social Justice Warrior = Autocrat

  • Historical revision

    • Examples from the book

    • Examples in the media - articles being revised and changing since original publication, sometimes dramatically

    • Examples within government - holocaust narrative vs holocaust facts - gender theory in schools and bill nye - history from north korea

  • Destruction of romantic ideals of human spirit, with replacement of “self-interest” realisation

    • Instances of chinese people running people over, and thinking of it as an inconvenience

    • Instances of indian people being hurt, and entire village runs to their aid

    • Seems that west vs east has different perceptions of self interest

      • West - doing good by others does good by yourself - others are an extension of yourself - peterson echoes this christian message

      • East - you win at the loss of others???

      • Capitalism - you win at the assistance of others

  • Orwell predicted china, but did not predict the west, why?

    • Role of technology being an equaliser force for the people, preventing authoritarian regimes… for the time being - as in the last 10 years, companies like facebook and google have the potential to be propaganda agents for political goals
  • When one is equal in wealth, it amplifies the difference in power

  • Automation and jobs, what jobs will remain

    • Aptitudes and proficiency, vs ineptitude and SJWism

      • Neurodiversity Case for Free Speech

      • @balupton’s notes

        • “In a world where nerds like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are the most powerful innovators, speech codes seem like the revenge of the anti-nerds.”

        • I often wonder that if SJWs put their 10,000 hours into code, rather than into activism, then they’d probably not need their activism.

        • Considering that a computer science degree starts of with 400 students, and by 3rd year is 30 students left with others moving to degrees better suited to their aptitudes, it makes me think the inability to put into the hours to gain the necessary skill level for their desired reward level, may actually be an aptitude issue.

        • As such, it seems to me that the SJW objective is actually to mend aptitude shortcomings with social justice regulation in order to obtain equal outcome through marxist imposition regimes.

  • Could the chinese communist party ever have a revolution from within? It seems not, they seem to be 1984’s IngSoc perfectly - they control the education, the languge, the media, and the expresison of people - leaving no room for protest, and perhaps no ability to think about protest