2017-04-29: Maps of Meaning #10


discussion notes

  • Belief systems and games

    • A mutual belief system supports mutual game playing, including cooperative competition, no way to avoid fighting, but best way to reduce is to converge belief systems

    • A different belief system results in these options

      • Capitulate / disengage

      • Fight

      • Negotiate: Identify presuppositions, find similarities and differences

    • Australia

      • Has always had a values test

      • Recently cancelled a economic migration visa due to right wing rise

  • Peterson’s communism rant

    • When two ideas are in conflict, find the central value/theme, and if they are shared in aspirations, they can integrate - if they can’t, it’s if not impossible to do

      • Communism has organic development, and rational

      • Western values/ideas are ancient - core idea is god, and implementation is values

    • When a core idea is taken out of a civilization, the civilization starts falling, which is what Neiche predicted with western civilisation - as such, we must find a transcendent value

    • What is a transcendent value? How do we make it less amorphous?

    • Ideas vs ideologies

      • Ideologies seems to be ideas that manifest themselves in our worldview / how we act in the world

      • Modern feminists seem to have incredible depth of feminism, but lack of breadth of other ideologies, thus why different ideas challenge them