2017-03-25: Maps of Meaning #7


discussion notes

  • The problem of complexity

    • We solve it partly by cooperating with other people
  • Free speech and insults

    • How should insults be viewed in the context of free speech?

    • Not necessarily helpful, but impossible to draw a line between idea and insult – if insults are not allowed, that rule can be used to increase the restriction to include expressions that are definitely ideas.

  • Incentive reward

    • School teachers in Sweden thought that there was too much competition in education – without competition, a lot of incentive reward would be lost.

    • There seems to be an idea (among some teachers) that every pupil/student should be equally successful and that this would be fair. However, people have different potential and a fair school system would create some students more successful than others.

    • Why do people think like this?

    • One possible reason might be that they view intelligence as connected to a person’s value as a human being. Thus, creating equally intelligent students would help creating a society where everyone has the same human worth.