Bevry's Support Channels

We currently have several support mediums, which one should you use?

  • For technical support, Bevry’s Stack Overflow Guide should be your first stop, it will let you leverage the tremendous Stack Overflow community with our recommended tags.

  • For everything else, there is the #projects:software category on this forum.

  • GitHub Issues was once a recommended support medium, however it became too difficult to manage. GitHub Issues is only for project collaborators. For everyone else, please use the other options above.

  • For tracking our current priorities, you can refer to Bevry’s Ora Boards.

Members are from all different time zones, so while hopefully someone will be around right then and there to answer your question, sometimes it may take a while, so waiting patiently will be awesome.

I think we should support both Stack Overflow (mostly community supported), GitHub (intimate with the code, therefore good for bug reporting/referencing. People are use to and expecting to report bugs here and lookup solutions in GitHub Issues) and IRC (people are going to be looking for help in the IRC either way).

It’s not an issue of trying to use a single tool to rule them all. This is simply the nature of the net in it’s current state. All of the above provides value in their own ways if the community wants/can support it but the three I mentioned should be our official channels. Internally we can pipe GitHub Issues into another tool to help us better manage issues (zapier: github issue -> trello card for example).

@mikeumus good feedback, agreed. I’ve updated the guide to incorporate that :smiley:

@mikeumus we should probably mention our Trello board here too, as it is not mentioned anywhere else.

Update: Done:

We should also do up a guide for posting a support request - what information do they need to provide, etc. I thought we had one, but is just for providing support, not for posting a support request. And doesn’t go into any detail about this either.

We should also consolidate all of our guides, as they are all over the place:


Consolidation is now done, and reflected in the first posts of each topic.