Bevry v6

Bevry v5 not just failed, it became comatose, sleepwalked out of the building, got hit by an exploding bus, and perished into ashes:

  • I got waylaid with other things, so the inactivity prevented scaling to beyond myself as the only ambassador
  • All groups except the traction group became either solo initiatives, or failed when their respective champion became waylaid
  • People have autonomous lives, so the less participation the more other things take priority
  • The addition of moving from livestreams to recorded discussions was a heavy burden of editing time that I could not complete
  • Privacy and sovereignty are failed priorities; balancing them with empire is all one can expect

Bevry v5 was conceived to scale beyond my means, however I did not have the means to finish it. As such Bevry v5 in of itself was too ambitious.

As such, hello Bevry v6:

  • Bevry is just a hub for my various projects and interests.
  • Bevry’s community is now hands off; solely a jumping board for organising yourselves into your own discussions, groups, and initiatives.
  • Bevry’s requirement for Signal is over, and Bevry’s Discord has reopened; groups should open their own discord servers or signal groups or discourses or whatever; I no longer have the resources, time, funds, nor the inclination to scale any subgroup.
  • As already done with Bevry v5, all the prior discord channels were archived. This is still the case, and it makes sense for the new mundane direction.

Over the upcoming decade I expect we’ll see the vision of Bevry v5 arise in various forms, perhaps with the means of Musk’s Twitter.

Hello 2023.